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Teaching: Private Schools K - 12

Private schools, also referred to as independent schools, may offer more autonomy to a teacher. The class size is typically smaller than in a public school; teachers are often at liberty to create their own curriculum. They are privately funded, sometimes founded based on a specific philosophy or principle.

Things to Consider

Although teacher certification is generally not a requirement for private school teaching positions, successful teacher candidates often have in-depth subject area knowledge and experience working with children in a classroom or private tutoring setting. In addition to classroom duties, private school teachers often serve as a sports coach, club faculty adviser, or are involved in some capacity with extracurricular school activities. Several private schools offer one-year teaching internships with many hiring recent college graduates directly into full-time teaching positions.

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Post-Graduate Teaching Fellowships – Private Schools

Many private schools will offer recent graduates one-year fellowships to gain valuable hands-on teaching experience with supervision from experienced teachers. Certification is typically not required for these entry-level positions. Below is s sampling of schools that offer such programs.

Summer Teaching Opportunities

Gaining experience by tutoring or teaching during your summers as a Yale student will make you a more competitive candidate for full-time positions after graduation. Below is a sampling of schools/programs that offer summer teaching internships during the summer: