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Architecture and Graphic Design

Architecture is the art and science of designing physical structures and the spaces around them. Architecture requires graphic and visual skills, technical aptitude in mathematics and science, verbal skills, organizational skills, memory, and compositional talent.

Graphic Design is an artistic and professional discipline that focuses on visual communication and presentation toward the goal of delivering a message or creating a product. Possible graphic design occupational titles include: graphic designer, graphic artist, production artist, designer, creative director, artist, design director, creative manager, and desktop publisher.

Things to Consider

Architects are required to be licensed in every state, and there is usually an internship/apprenticeship period following education, prior to a licensing exam.

Designers must combine creativity with functionality. Educational requirements vary. In some fields, graduate training is beneficial or required. Students can begin by observing professionals, talking with them, studying their art and technique, and obtaining experience through internships. Students considering these fields are encouraged to reach out to their faculty and alumni to develop professional relationships and contacts.

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